How can I find my panel?

1. To search for your panel, type your name or the panel title into the search bar. If you have trouble finding your panel, please type in the search bar only one or two words from the title and search again

2. You can click the plus icon  for a more advanced search.


3. The panels you are speaking at are also visible on the bar above the session's name and in the profile menu



What is the difference between My Sessions and Sessions I'm Speaking/Moderating At?

My Sessions are sessions added to your schedule and Sessions I'm Speaking/Moderating At display the panels in which you are presenting personally.

I want to add panels to my schedule. How to do it? Where can I see it?

To add panels to your schedule click the blue "Add this Session to my Schedule" button (in the form of a heart) next to the title of the panel. To visit your personalized schedule go to Profile overview and click on My Schedule. 

Where can I find descriptions of the papers/panels? 

You can view a detailed description of the panels, as well as the speakers, by clicking on the title of the panel. Please bear in mind that the abstracts for pre-made panels will be available in the programme soon.

I am interested in Working & Regionals Groups panels/Special events/Cultural program/Specific topics. How do I find them?

Go to ADVANCED SEARCH by clicking on the plus icon  and pick the event track you are interested in.

Why am I added as a chair to a panel?

Persons marked as Primary Authors during the submission process were assigned the role of a chair for a given panel.

I submitted an Individual Paper. How can I see what panel I am in? 

Go to ADVANCED SEARCH and pick the title of your paper in SEARCH BY SUB SESSION

I cannot see all panels. What's wrong? 

Please make sure you delete the previous search and try again.

How can I see who is chairing the panel?
Click on the title of the panel you are interested in, and then click on "Moderators" on the right side.

I do not see the full program. What do I do?

You can try a few things: 

  • Refresh the page, 

  • Click on a different page and then click back on the day you are interested in, 

  • Check if you RESET your previous searches

  • If you typed in the title of a panel and it does not pop up, try searching for it only by using one word or a short phrase from the title.

Can I print the program? 

Yes, to do so click on the printer icon on the upper right corner of the screen 

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