Travel grants & fee waivers


The MSA is happy to announce that we can provide a limited number of travel grants for colleagues giving papers at the 2023 MSA Conference in Newcastle. The grants serve two purposes. We would like to support colleagues who would not be able to participate in the conference without financial support. Moreover, we would like to use the grants to enhance the MSA's reach and diversity. Hence we are particularly interested in receiving applications from colleagues from low-income countries (for instance in the global South) and/or from colleagues without access to institutional travel support who are representing fields of study or fields of memory/heritage practice that have not been well represented during past MSA conferences. 

The submission deadline for travel grants applications was Friday 10 March 2023. Please note the deadline is now passed and we are unable to accept any further applications. 

Disclaimer: the number of travel grants is limited and grants will be awarded on a competitive basis. Please apply only if you do not have access to other sources of funding. All grants will be partial grants. We will not be able to defray all expenses connected with conference participation. The sum of an individual travel grant should not exceed £300. 


We can also offer conference fee waivers for low-income participants. 

To apply for a fee waiver please fill in the following form.

Please complete the form using data (name, surname, proposal ID, paper title & abstract, etc.) identical to those entered upon proposal submission and upload your CV (pdf) in the second section of the form.  

The deadline to apply for a conference fee waiver is Monday 3 April 2023Please note the deadline is now passed and we are unable to accept any further applications. 

All travel grant and conference fee waiver applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the MSA Ethics Committee.

Special Gerda Henkel Travel Grants for Memory Scholars at Risk 

The MSA is happy to announce that we can provide a limited number of Special Travel Grants - the Gerda Henkel Travel Grants – for memory scholars at risk who want to give papers at or just attend the 2023 MSA Conference in Newcastle. The grants have the purpose of supporting colleagues who seek academic refuge. We have a total of 4000 euros that can be used to fund two or three travel grants, depending on where the scholars are coming from. The special travel grant would give them the chance to leave their risk situation by attending the conference. In addition, the grants are linked to a subsequent two-month Gerda Henkel Fellowship at a European host institution. The MSA is in contact with several institutions in Europe who are willing to host an MSA Fellow at Risk for at least two months after the 2023 conference in Newcastle. Both the travel grants and the fellowships are entirely funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation.

For more information about the Fellowship program:


Applications not exceeding 3000 words in total should contain the following:

  1. the title/abstract of your accepted paper in case of giving a paper
  2. a description of the perilous situation of the Fellow, including a paragraph addressing your financial situation
  3. a description of the potential memory related project to be carried out by the Fellow during the two-month stay at the host institution;
  4. short bio of the memory scholar in peril.

The application (one document in pdf) should be sent to the following email address:


The deadline to apply for the Gerda Henkel Travel Grants for Memory Scholars at Risk is Monday 27 March 2023.

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