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Where can I find the latest information about the conference? 

All updates can be found on our Conference website, as well as on our social media. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter


Can I post about the conference on my social media?

Yes, you can! If you do so please be mindful and use the hashtag #MSANewcastle2023.


Does the conference have an online or hybrid component? 

The MSA 2023 Newcastle conference is organized in a fully on-site format, our first in-person meeting since 2019! Online participation is, as of now, not permitted.


What is the language of the conference? 

Our conference is organized on an international level and all events will be in English. For technical and financial reasons, we are unfortunately unable to provide translations. 


Where can I find the conference program?

The final conference program is available on our Conference website.

Can I change the date/time of my presentation?

Given the challenges of programming such a large conference, we are not able to accommodate any requests to change the schedule. We will take into consideration only (re)scheduling requests resulting from:

1) the chair's request on behalf of the entire panel;
2) the Working or Regional Group chair's decision on the organization of their groups.


How long should my presentation be?

Presentations should be approximately 15 minutes. Full details will be sent to all delegates in early June 2023. 


Will I be able to use a PowerPoint presentation and other tools?

Yes, all participants will be able to show a PowerPoint presentation. There will be facilities for PowerPoint (including computers, screens and speakers) in all of the conference rooms. If you have any additional technical requirements please let us know at

What is MSA Forward?

The MSA Forward is a pre-conference workshop for postgraduate (PhD) researchers to present their work in a constructive environment, allowing them to engage with other scholars in their field and to receive feedback from established academics. The deadline to apply for the MSA Forward 2023 was Friday 24 March 2023 and we are no longer accepting applications.


Are there any travel grants or registration fee waivers available?

While we cannot cover the cost of delegates' participation in the MSA Conference, we appreciate the financial hardship that many of our members are currently experiencing. We have been able to offer a small number of competitive travel grants and conference fee waivers for postgraduate students, low-income researchers and creative practitioners. We have also offered two special Scholars at Risk travel grants, funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation. The deadline to apply for the travel grants and fee waivers has now passed and the awards have already been made, so we are not able to accept late applications. 


Will accommodation be provided by the organisers?

Delegates are required to organise their own travel to and accommodation in Newcastle. More details about planning your visit are available here.

Do the organizers provide accommodations for participants who traveled with children?  

Yes, A nursing room is available next to the main reception desk in the Frederick Douglass Centre. We will also have a dedicated multipurpose quiet room in the Newcastle University Business School – room # NUBS 1.14. There is a comfortable chair, a nappy changing station and a sink in the nursing room. For now there is no fridge for storing milk in the room, but there is a fridge behind the reception desk next to the room if needed.    

How long should my presentation be?

Presentations should be a maximum of 15 minutes.


Will I be able to use a PowerPoint presentation and other tools?

Yes, all participants will be able to show a PowerPoint presentation. There will be facilities for PowerPoint (including computers, screens and speakers) in all of the conference rooms. If you have any additional technical requirements please let us know.

What is MSA Forward?

The MSA Forward is a pre-conference workshop for postgraduate (PhD) researchers to present their work in a constructive environment, allowing them to engage with other scholars in their field and to receive feedback from established academics. Please note the MSA Forward is for pre-selected applicants only.


How do I register? 

Registration for the conference is now closed. On-site registration will be possible, and the on-site registration fee is €200, to be paid on arrival.

How do I become an MSA member? 

To become a member of the MSA please visit our Membership page.


As a speaker, why do I have to pay both for the registration and for the MSA membership?

Our responsibility as an Association is first and foremost to our members, and the annual conference is a meeting of the Association organized by and for our members. It is therefore necessary to become an MSA member to be able to present at the conference. Membership extends far beyond participating in the annual conference and includes a range of benefits, such as discounts on books, access to the Memory Studies journal and to members-only resources, eligibility to join the MSA Working and Regional Groups and to participate in the MSA Mentorship Program, First Book Award, dedicated workshops and career development events. We are committed to supporting our MSA community and are really proud of what we can offer our members! Visit the MSA website to find out more about becoming a member.


Can I get a membership fee waiver?

We try to keep our membership fees relatively low compared to many other large academic associations and have a range of membership options to account for different career and financial circumstances. We understand that some of our members may struggle to pay the membership fee due to financial hardship (for example, low-income or unwaged researchers and those not supported by their universities/organisations) and we are happy to discuss the possibility of a membership fee waiver with you. Please contact the MSA at


I can no longer attend the Conference. Can I get a refund of my Conference registration fee?

In case of cancellation before 31 May refunded 50% of the conference fee. After 1 June, we are unable to refund your fee. If you wish to transfer tickets to someone else, please contact us at


Can my institution pay for my registration fee through an invoice?

Due to the high number of participants and difficulties in processing such payments, we ask that all delegates register through the registration system. However, if this is not possible, please contact us at


How can I receive a letter of invitation?

To receive a Letter of Invitation please fill in the following form. Please bear in mind that all data provided there (name, surname, affiliation, email address, etc.) must be identical to those entered upon proposal submission.


The invoice generated from the system is not enough, what can I do?

We can issue an additional invoice with Tax Identification Number and other required data. To receive one please fill in the following form.




What are the most important instructions the delegates should follow?

  • Presentations should be a maximum of 15 minutes.

  • All conference rooms are equipped with a computer and projector. 

  • If you want to display a PowerPoint, show images or videos, please make sure you bring all files on a USB drive. (It will not be possible to access materials via email or online/cloud storage.)

  • There will be HDMI leads to connect laptops if required. Any Mac users will need to bring their own converter. 

  • Please check the schedule carefully so you know the date, time and location of your panel.

  • Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes early for your scheduled panel to load PowerPoints in advance so that panels can start promptly on time.

  • A reminder that all delegates are required to abide by the MSA Code of Conduct.

Where and when can I register?

Registration and the main conference activities (plenary sessions, coffee breaks, etc.) will be held in the Frederick Douglass Centre at the Newcastle Helix site. 

You can access a map of the city centre HERE. Newcastle Helix is in square A4 on the map grid.

The registration will open on Monday, July 3 at 9 am.

Can I park somewhere near the conference site? 

There is a car park at the Newcastle Helix site - The Garage. It is privately owned and charges apply. To see the map of how to reach it click Travelling to Helix Garage Car Park.pdf

Who should I contact if I need any help? 

We will have a team of dedicated student helpers on site to help with any IT issues – they will all be wearing bright yellow t-shirts so you can easily spot them! 

Are there any facilities for delegates traveling with children? 

A nursing room is available next to the main reception desk in the Frederick Douglass Centre. We will also have a dedicated multipurpose quiet room in the Newcastle University Business School – room # NUBS 1.14.

Any other tips on my arrival in Newcastle?

Please check our 'Plan your Visit' page for more information about Newcastle and the region.

Newcastle is a small city and everything is within easy walking distance, but be prepared for some steep hills going down to the river!

It is also easy to travel by bus or Metro. You can access maps of the city, the Tyne & Wear Metro and the region HERE

The summer weather in the North of England can be very changeable, so please make sure you also bring some clothing for cooler weather. And don't forget to pack a waterproof jacket or umbrella!

Please check what travel adaptors you will need as the UK uses type G plugs, with a standard voltage of 230v.

Are there any excursions planned after the conference?

Yes! Booking is now open for our two post-conference activities on Saturday 8 July. These activities will incur an additional cost per person, that is payable on booking. Booking is required by Tuesday 4 July. Access the booking forms HERE

Hadrian's Wall Excursion 

10am – 4pm 

£30 per person (including packed lunch)

This day will allow participants to explore memories of conquest and empire in the North East of England through the lens of Hadrian's Wall, a structure that has gained mythical status, and will focus on the wall's cultural meaning locally and as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Organised in collaboration with the Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums (TWAM), Hadrian's Wall Partnership, and the North East of England African Community Association.  

Meeting at Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum in Wallsend at 10am, followed by a bus tour along the Wall to Milecastle 42, taking in many iconic sites along the way! Returning to Newcastle Helix at approx. 4pm. 

MAX. 45 participants

African Lives Walking Tour 

10am – 12pm 

£10 per person

For delegates who would like to learn more about African lives and the African presence in Newcastle, the North East of England African Community Association (NEEACA) are offering a bespoke tour of the northern part of the city, including Newcastle University's main campus.  

Meeting at 10am outside the O2 City Hall Newcastle, the tour will take a little over 90 minutes, covering approximately 2 miles of fairly flat terrain.

MAX. 10 participants


What is the Dryfta Mobile App? 

Dryfta Mobile app is the mobile version of the conference website. It contains all the main website features and more!

Where can I download it?

In Google Play

or Apple Store 

What are the most important features?

  • Searching for attendees' profiles: their general profile, abstracts and sessions they will be attending. 

  • Updating your profile and displaying your profile publicly.

  • Sharing contact information (please see the point below.)

  • Notifications about sudden schedule changes, venue updates via instant push notifications

  • Adding sessions to your schedule and Checking in to sessions.

  • Viewing the list of speakers for each session. 

  • Requesting to connect with other delegates so you can view their 'vCard', including their email address. 

How do I use it? 

Please find below a step by step guide:

First search for the MSA Newcastle conference, by writing "MSA Conference Newcastle 2023" in the search bar, click on it and it will be added to your app.

You will then need to sign in using the log in details you created when submitting your proposal/registering for the conference on the conference website. 

The home page will then appear:


In your ACCOUNT (upper right corner) you can see: 

  • Your personal QR code that you can use to connect with other participants Your QR code is also available on the home page: 

  • Your connections - the participants vCards of whom you have requested

By clicking on the v-Card button you can see the person's email address and bio. 

  • Your schedule with all sessions you are speaking at or intend to take part in.

By using Forums

You can discuss with other participants, please feel free to explore the options!

At the bottom you can find the following options:


In PROGRAM SCHEDULE all sessions are available, you can search by session titles, speakers and moderators, add a session to your schedule and take part in the session chat.

After clicking on the More button (lower right corner) you can see the event's Sponsors, Scan a QR code, check in to the event or session, and read the content from the main conference website. 

5. Is the app available offline?

Yes, it is! After downloading the app you can access the app and program offline.


What is Dryfta? 

Dryfta is an event management software that we use to organize the conference. While registering for the event, you are also creating an account on the website where you will be able to see the programme and connect with other participants. 

I am having trouble logging in. What should I do?

Please check which email address you used to create your account. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the reset password function. 

If you still cannot log in, and have tried using a different browser, please contact the Dryfta technical support team:


I want to change the password. How can I do that? 
Go to Profile overview and click on the "Change Password" below your picture.

1.                                                2.



How do I add/change my photo?
To update your profile picture go to Profile overview and click "Browse", choose your picture and save. To change the photo hover your mouse over the picture, Remove the photo and then click "Browse".

How should I add/correct my affiliation? 

Go to Update profile and scroll down to the form with your personal information. Make the changes and click "Update Profile" at the bottom of the page. 

Why should I display my profile to the visitors? How can I do it?

Displaying your profile to visitors means displaying it to every registered participant of the conference. We recommend enabling your profile so that you and others can take full advantage of the features of the platform, like sending messages, scheduling meetings, and networking.
To display your profile to others go to Profile overview and check the "Display your profile so attendees can communicate with you?" option.

What is a vCard? 

vCard is a Virtual Business Card that allows you to give and receive contact information from other participants. To request a vCard please click on the persons' profile and then under their profile picture and affiliation. After the vCard is accepted status will change to

Accepted vCards are available in your profile

To see the email address of a person who accepted your vCard request lick on in the vCards section in your profile. A .csv file with all vCards will be downloaded to your computer.

This section will be easier to use in the near future.


How can I find my panel?

1.  To search for your panel, type your name or the panel title into the search bar. If you have trouble finding your panel, please type in the search bar only one or two words from the title and search again

2. You can click the plus icon  for a more advanced search.


3. The panels you are speaking at are also visible on the bar above the session's name and in the profile menu



What is the difference between My Sessions and Sessions I'm Speaking/Moderating At?

My Sessions are sessions added to your schedule and Sessions I'm Speaking/Moderating At display the panels in which you are presenting personally.

I want to add panels to my schedule. How to do it? Where can I see it?

To add panels to your schedule click the blue "Add this Session to my Schedule" button (in the form of a heart) next to the title of the panel. To visit your personalized schedule go to Profile overview and click on My Schedule. 

Where can I find descriptions of the papers/panels? 

You can view a detailed description of the panels, as well as the speakers, by clicking on the title of the panel. Please bear in mind that the abstracts for pre-made panels will be available in the programme soon.

I am interested in Working & Regionals Groups panels/Special events/Cultural program/Specific topics. How do I find them?

Go to ADVANCED SEARCH by clicking on the plus icon  and pick the event track you are interested in.

Why am I added as a chair to a panel?

Persons marked as Primary Authors during the submission process were assigned the role of a chair for a given panel.

I submitted an Individual Paper. How can I see what panel I am in? 

Go to ADVANCED SEARCH and pick the title of your paper in SEARCH BY SUB SESSION

I cannot see all panels. What's wrong? 

Please make sure you delete the previous search and try again.

How can I see who is chairing the panel?
Click on the title of the panel you are interested in, and then click on "Moderators" on the right side.

I do not see the full program. What do I do?

You can try a few things: 

  • Refresh the page, 

  • Click on a different page and then click back on the day you are interested in, 

  • Check if you RESET your previous searches

  • If you typed in the title of a panel and it does not pop up, try searching for it only by using one word or a short phrase from the title.

Can I print the program? 

Yes, to do so click on the printer icon on the upper right corner of the screen

What should I do if I have other questions?

Please contact us at with questions regarding the conference and for MSA-related matters (including membership fees), please contact  

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